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A team of coaching professionals who share a passion for making a difference, a wealth of experience with business, leadership, and people, and an absolute commitment to each client.
Michel Renaud
President and Founder, RPI Coaching


Michel is an experienced and highly regarded business coach in North America. He has worked around the world to bring the power and effectiveness of coaching to a variety of enterprises and cultures. As an author, partner, and senior consultant at Masterful Coaching, and founder of RPI Coaching, Michel has pioneered a coaching process based on integrating business performance and leadership development. Since 1991, he has provided his services to leaders in diverse industries, including petroleum, petrochemical, communications, electronics, and manufacturing, as well as to non-profit and governmental organizations. Michel is dedicated to delivering the highest quality coaching services, with a special passion for coaching teams to succeed beyond expectations and for developing high performing organizations. 


"Knowing and working with Michel has been one of the highlights of my career. He stood for my success, he skillfully challenged and supported me to elevate my contribution, and at the end of the day, he made a difference”


                                                                                 - Department Manager of a USA Fortune 100 company



Etienne Pemberton
RPI Coach, Org360 and Lead360 Manager, and LEAP expert 


Etienne is a naturally skilled leadership coach and a professional violinist. He plays for the NSO and is a founding member of the Newfoundland-based Strataphoria String Quartet. Committed to creating connections between the artistic and business worlds, Etienne draws on his experience in individual and collective music performance and teaching to bring a unique and powerful perspective to leadership development. His work with Fortune 100 companies is focused on driving continual improvement in management excellence through the collection of constructive feedback and the identification of specific improvement opportunities. He is the creator of Pivotal Performance, a program designed to train corporate leaders in critical presentation skills by sharing the practices of the performing artist.


"Etienne brings a unique and valuable perspective to the corporate world. He conducted our recent Org360 process, exhibiting high levels of professionalism, commitment, and drive throughout the process. During the Report of Findings he worked in partnership with the business, combining his perspective with that of company leadership to develop a detailed action plan squarely focused on addressing the opportunities identified during the Org360 and in support of our overall strategic ambition.”

                                             - Proejct Lead, Customer Services, Fortune 100 American Company

Elena Ivanushikina
RPI Coach – LEAP and Lead360


Elena is an RPI trained coach as well as a professional PCC certified coach (ICF). She brings an extensive background of senior roles in large multinational organizations where she spent over 15 years living in five countries and working in challenging business and HR roles, including Microsoft and Danone. She led a number of international and organizational development projects within the HR functions of those organizations to improve organizational capacity with people development, talent acquisition, employee engagement, and multicultural and cross-functional collaboration training. In her coaching work, Elena specializes in helping managers develop their leadership capabilities and enhance their professional competencies, especially when pertinent to leading in a changing environment and with Human Resources issues and opportunities. Elena is an attentive listener and a highly effective thinking partner. She fluently speaks 5 languages and can effectively do coacihng in English, French, Spanish and Russian. 

"Elena did a 360 for me and my function, and subsequently provided guidance in driving improvements both in my own leadership and with the strength of my organization. Elena is a wonderful coach, experienced, insightful and able to bring complexity into simplicity, which results in effective action to drive improvement." 


                                                                                      -Ivan Odnolko,  Manager Global Refining, Lukoil

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