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Coaching a team to deliver extraordinary results

Action Coaching promises breakthroughs in individual and collective business performance, in leadership development and in effective collaboration.
It is a program that reaches beyond its participants.

We created Action Coaching to offer coaching in a team setting. Our observation is that teams rarely maximize the business opportunities before them, nor do they live up to the opportunity of working together. These teams produce acceptable outcomes, but rarely deliver extraordinary results. In business teams are usually defined as a collection of competent individuals. With Action Coaching, we strive to go beyond the sum of individual competencies to achieve authentic high performance.




  • Each participant delivers a business breakthrough goal or project - one that exceeds normal expectations. 

  • Each participant significantly expands his or her ability to lead and make a difference. 

  • Each participant becomes an active, dedicated, and effective coach.

  • The team performs at a much higher level of alignment and effectiveness.

  • Participants learn and acquire new skills to lead, coach, and produce breakthroughs in future roles 

  • A coaching environment is created and coaching practices are integrated. 

  • Participants, both collectively and individually, become a force with which to drive value and change in the organization.


Target Audience   Candidates for Action Coaching are: 


  • Functional or regional leadership teams with opportunities to drive substantial and/or sustainable value for the business.

  • Groups of high-potential individuals from various parts of the organization with the opportunity to lead high-impact breakthrough projects. Action Coaching can significantly accelerate the development of your next generation of leaders.


Content Outline 


  • Breakthrough Performance – development of breakthrough projects using the BT (Breakthrough) Methodology.

  • Leadership Breakthrough Development – identification and execution of one substantial BT leadership goal and smaller developmental goals.

  • The Ontology of Leadership: 1. Taking a Stand 2. Being Accountable 3. Standing for People’s success.

  • Leading and managing a High-Performance Team 

  • Being an effective coach to your team.

  • Collaboration Excellence - efficiency within collaboration with all key stakeholders.

  • Effective communication - maintaining clarity and engagement throughout your organization.



  • Typically 12 months in duration

  • Monthly individual coaching sessions for each participant

  • A Team session every 2 to 3 months

  • A Lead360 is performed for each participant

  • Partnership between the team leader and the coach to ensure success 

  • Ongoing and active participation of the team leader

  • Each participant coaches 2 or 3 people on their own team 


"Action Coaching delivered value to our business way beyond expectations. Of the 12 people on my Leadership Team, 11 received a promotion within the 6 months following the end of the coaching, and we measured the incremental financial benefits of the cumulative breakthrough projects to be over $85 million." 

Marketing GM for a Houston based company 

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