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Building a High Performance Legal Function
This coaching program is designed to develop impactful leaders for your Legal Function, while strengthening leadership, performance and organizational skills.
  • Accelerating the development and enhancing the contribution of legal leaders who occupy key positions and are ready to assume greater leadership within your Legal Function.
  • Ensuring strong succession for your Legal Function.
  • Developing the effectiveness of those leaders with five critical aspects of their roles: 
    1. High-Performance Team – Building and leading a best-in-class team and department
    2. Effective Manager – Developing fundamental aspects of managing business and people
    3. Exceptional Service – Providing responsive and exceptional legal services to internal clients
    4. Strategic Leader and Thought Partner – Developing effective partnerships with senior leaders and stakeholders
    5. Executive Presence – Developing ease and ability in effectively engaging with executives.

Content Outline


  • High-Performance Team – Building and leading a best-in-class team and department

    • Developing a vision and strategy for your department - line of sight

    • Establishing the priorities of your department for the year

    • Communicating to engage both your team and clients with vision and strategy

    • Assessing your team in the context of the ambitions of the organization

    • Designing the right organizational structure

    • Building a winning team – never settle for less

    • Recruiting the right people – from strong processes to working with Human Resources

    • Training and developing your team – standing for their success

  •  Management Excellence – Developing fundamental aspects of managing the business and people 

    • Leadership versus management

    • The 4 practices of exceptional managers

    • Managing time and priorities

    • Time discipline – allocation of your most precious resource

    • Holding effective team meetings

    • Setting measurable objectives; setting and managing clear expectations

    • Balancing the empowerment of people while maintaining appropriate engagement

    • Providing effective performance reviews

  • Exceptional Service –  Enabling you to lead your area in providing exceptional legal services to the business

    • Developing a context for exceptional service – a business case for the “why?”

    • Exceptional service as a unique differentiator

    • The Mindset of Exceptional Service Providers – do you need to shift your own perspective?

    • The 5 practices of exceptional service

    • The importance of deep knowledge of the key business metrics

    • Ensuring your department’s appropriate level of expertise – expanding as needed

    • The power of seeking feedback from your client – how to do it effectively

  • Strategic Leader and Thought Partner – Developing high value partnerships with senior leaders and stakeholders

    • Exploring what is possible with your key relationships through the concept of Contribution

    • Building a successful thought partner relationship

    • The virtue of generative listening in thought partner relationships

    • Preparing and delivering a presentation to the Executive Team or to the Board

    • Balancing Business with Legal integrity - supporting business leaders to implement vision/opportunities while ensuring the legal integrity of the organization

  • ​Executive Presence – Building ease and ability in effectively engaging with executives

    • Developing a sense of self-confidence, expertise, and contribution

    • Developing an appropriate and authentic voice 

    • Building trust

    • Developing a sense of timing

    • Understanding the impact of presence – actions, omissions, body language, and purpose



Structure –  Over one year
  • 12 monthly coaching sessions of 2 hours each 
  • Assignments between sessions to use the coaching with real-time work and performance opportunities
  • Real-time coaching  – discussions when needed between sessions 
  • Leadership 360 Feedback – designed to identify leadership development opportunities

"We did Action Coaching for Legal Leaders with five senior leaders in our Legal Department. The coaching helped all five develop the leadership and management skill set necessary to succeed in our company, the kind of things you don't learn in law school or in a law firm."

General Counsel  of a major Energy Company  

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