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Fit-for-purpose and uniquely impactful 
Exec360 is designed to give senior leaders a powerful assit in their quest to perfect their leadership skill set and to create value for the organization. 
Utilizing the power of candid and committed feedback garnered through substantial interviews, this process is nothing short of transformational. 
Exec360 can be done as part of an Executive Coaching or as a stand alone service. 
  • ​Providing senior leaders with clear, organized, substantial and useful feedback on how they are perceived in their leading of the organization - of both the business and the people. 
  • Extracting the value out of the feedback to conclude on key insights, learnings, and opportunities
  • Developing a simple and effective action plan to leverage and build further on unique strengths 
  • Developing a simple and effective action plan to develop effectiveness in areas of significant gaps 
  • Clarify the next 100 days of actions to immediately and powerfully act on the feedback 
Target Audience
  • ​Members of the executive leadership team
  • Regional or functional senior leaders
  • High-potential leaders ready for or recently appointed to a challenging new role 
  • ​Tailor-made questions - typically 8 to 12 - adapted to the organization's context and the specifics of each engagement
  • 12 to 15 interviews done over the phone or via video calls conducted with a selection of senior leaders, peers, and team members representing a sufficient variety of informed perspectives 
  • A Report of Findings written by the coach containing the following areas of findings:
    1. Context
    2. Unique strengths
    3. Relative gaps
    4. Opportunities with leading the business
    5. Opportunities with leading people 
  • Three sessions between the coach and the client: 
    • An initial session to deliver the feedback and have initial discussions containing real-time reactions to the feedback 
    • A second session to present the Report of Findings (coach's perspective) and the client's perspective, and develop a set of opportunities
    • A third session to finalize a Leadership Commitment and Action Plan and discuss how to best proceed over the next 100 days 
The RPI Difference
Impacts Business Results - EXEC360 produces not just an assessment, but an alteration that leads to leadership and business breakthroughs, directly impacting today’s economic performance.

Our Guarantee - EXEC360 has been done with Fortune 500 CEO’s and Senior VP's, top talent in large organizations as well as owners and entrepreneurs of successful small businesses. We are so confident in the power of EXEC360 that we offer a fully money back guarantee if you or the leaders you sponsor are not fully satisfied.


“It is a phenomenal process you put together. It far exceeded anything I have seen, especially in the area of 360’s. I hated it to be honest. I don’t like people telling me that I need to improve. But by the end, it truly made an impact on me”

Supply Chain leader, Alaska

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