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Since 1991, hundreds of teams and thousands of individual leaders have used our coaching services. Our clientele varies from small entrepreneurial businesses to large global corporations, including:  
  • Douglas Oil and Gas, Pittsburgh, USA
  • Conocophillips, Houston, USA
  • Phillips66, Houston, USA 
  • Tesoro, San Antonio, USA
  • Shanghai Electric, Shanghai, China
  • Lukoil, Moscow, Russia 
  • Petro-Canada, Calgary, Canada
  • Sonatrach, Arzew Bay, Algeria
  • DCP Midstream, Denver, USA
  • Crompco, Philiadelphia, USA
  • Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Finance and Technology
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto, Canada 
  • Dynamic Mutual Funds, Toronto, Canada
  • Fido (Microcell Solutions), Montreal, Canada
  • Columbia Taping Tools, Vancouver, Canada
  • Bell Canada, Montreal, Canada
  • Technip, Lyon, France
  • The Goverment of Senegal, CONAPOR, Dakar, Senegal
  • Legacy Transformational Consulting Inc, Reno, USA
  • Canlight Property Management, Toronto, Canada
  • Creative Embroidery, Vancouver, Canada 
  • The Hunger Project, NYC, USA
  • JMJ and Associates, Austin, USA
  • Stewart Search, Inc., Pittsburgh, USA

“Investing into a coaching process has probably been one of the most effective decision I have made for my organizations. I have worked with Michel and RPI Coaching many times over the past 15 years - in different organizations, countries and context. Each time, coaching has enabled my organization and myself to achieve growth and substantially better results than we dreamed possible.


Coaching, at least the way RPI does it, is not a theoretical exercise, but a process that is hands-on, focused on results and creating value.   

I must mention that it does take substantial commitment and hard work, but well worth the efforts. Having a skilled and experienced coach committed to the success of the leader, the team and the organization is priceless and makes the process very rewarding.”

Thomas Mueller, Former Vice President, Global Refining and Petrochemicals, LUKOIL

“I have worked with RPI Coaching and Management Consulting for many years. I have no hesitation in acknowledging that their support helped deliver sustainable value worth many millions of dollars and helped leave a legacy of a high performing organization within our company. Their principal is a great strategic thinking partner who rapidly understands the business challenges and has a myriad of tools that can help address them.


RPI‘s professional team is able to go one step further than traditional management consultancy by addressing organizational behaviors and change management issues. RPI uses an innovative toolbox that identifies root causes at both an organizational and individual level.”

Alastair Donald, Supply Chain Executive for a Fortune 100 Global Corporation

“The coaching that Michel provided me for several years during the major transitions of my work was one of the most valuable experience of my life. His coaching was instrumental in my selling College Survival Inc., to Houghton Mifflin for in excess of $10 million. Similarly, his assistance was extremely valuable in setting up The Brande Foundation through which I have given away millions of dollars.


Through these business transitions, Michel worked very effectively with me to strengthen my team and assist me in managing my 50 employees. His listening, his insights, and his assisting me in clear thinking was one of the most influential personal and professional growth experiences of my life.”

David B. Ellis, President of Breakthrough Enterprises Inc. 

“As part of an ambitious goal to significantly increase the market value of our international refining and marketing business, our company initiated a program to deliver $1 billion of additional market value over a three-year period. To achieve this ambition, each key business leader embarked on a personal and collaborative effort to deliver value above and beyond what was predictable and expected of them.


An integral part of this effort involved Executive and Action Coaching with RPI Coaching. RPI's work had an immediate impact on the diverse and multicultural teams based across Europe. Bringing clarity, focus and commitment to the significant business goals each leader and teams were committed to achieve, Michel and his group quickly and effectively connected with the leaders to support them in their efforts.


RPI's involvement resulted in three measurable accomplishments. 1. The team's value creation goals were exceeded both in terms of financial results and schedule. 2. Leaders achieved those results while manifesting a more collaborative organization as work groups used the coaching learning's to deliver significant business accomplishments. 3. Some individuals became more powerful leaders. These leaders were able to take that next step in leading, delivering results and driving a high performing organization.


Over the years, Michel and RPI have been valued contributors in their work to create and deliver high performing organizations.”

CEO of an American Fortune 100 Company and former Senior VP of a Global Energy company

“Simply stated, the RPI Coaching process has been invaluable to the success of our business. I don’t believe that we would have achieved our superior results without Michel and the RPI Coaching staff.


When we began working together, Douglas Oil & Gas was a small exploration company, struggling, as were many of our peers, just to stay in business. Michel's guidance helped us not only to survive but also to succeed beyond all predictable expectations.


RPI helped us devise a business strategy that had us build on and expand our core strengths, while at the same time maintaining a strong focus on producing measurable results. To accomplish this our company had to design and implement a completely new business model, which included creating new services for a new clientele. We also brought in fresh business partners that allowed us to expand into another region. This strategy resulted in a dramatic increase in our growth and profitability.


Once the new business strategy was in place, RPI assisted the corporate leadership in revamping our management team, working in-depth with team members, both individually and collectively, to think entrepreneurially as well as strategically. A specific case in point was developing the management and leadership skill set of our VP of Operations, who ultimately became the CEO.


Finally, as a result of our work with RPI Coaching, Douglas Oil & Gas was positioned to take full advantage of the turn-around in the petroleum industry, resulting in a successful public offering with a market cap over $300,000,000.


We deeply appreciate all that RPI Coaching has contributed to our success.”

W. Douglas Gouge, Chairman and Founder,  Douglas Oil & Gas

“It is my pleasure to offer a positive reference in support of Michel Renaud and the high-quality coaching organization that he has built, RPI Coaching. The Action Coaching program he did with many Business Units across our organization became known in our Company for its effectiveness in helping to deliver breakthrough business results while at the same time being an excellent vehicle for developing leaders.


The results of the very first Action Coaching and pilote program we did with RPI were two fold: bold improvements in costs to supply, safety performance, and growth in market share coupled with extraordinary leadership development of the entire eight person business unit team.


Today as Senior Vice President of Human Resources for the entire company, I have a complete appreciation for the breadth and depth of the training and the relationships that Michel has built in our company through the years. Over the past seven years, Michel and his colleagues have worked with over 150 of our top leaders. RPI has played an important role in developing key leaders across much of the organization including transportation, refining, the technology based specialty businesses, retail and wholesale marketing, commercial, and exploration and production in the US and Europe.


Knowing Michel over the years, and hearing the feedback from others with whom he and his company have worked, I cannot think of a better person to entrust the great responsibility of coaching and supporting leaders with critical roles. He brings what is required for such role, a special and rare mix of humanity, commitment to business results, and the ability to unleash the possibility in others. ”

HR Vice President of a Large International US-Based Corporation

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