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Constructive, in-depth, and actionable feedback. 

With the subtlety, detail, and personal touch of one-on-one interviews, Lead360 gives leaders the actionable information they need to take the next step in developing their skills and executing their role.


Lead360 can be provided as part of LEAP Coaching or as a stand-alone service. 

  • Gathering constructive, in-depth, and clear feedback that will make a major contribution to the client’s performance and leadership development

  • Working with the client in debriefing the feedback to extract maximum value

  • Using the feedback to develop a clear and deliverable action plan

  • Enabling the client to refine their leadership on an ongoing basis using the insights from the Lead360

Target Audience
  • Mid-level leaders who are ready for the next challenge in their leadership development

  • Leaders with a reasonable amount of time spent in a new role who can benefit from understanding their colleagues’ views

  • Professionals and entrepreneurs looking to refine their skill set in the areas of leadership, management, and service




  • 8 to 12 customized questions that allow the client to get feedback on their general leadership skills and specific areas of interest as identified by the client

  • 8 to 12 interviews by phone, video call or in person with carefully-selected individuals amongst peers, direct reports, senior leaders, customers or other key stakeholders to gather diverse and constructive feedback

  • 1 Report of Findings that provides a concise summary of the most important information from the feedback, identifies the largest opportunities, and offers guidance on how to leverage them

  • 3 coaching sessions to:

    1. Debrief the feedback
    2. Identify the opportunities
    3. Develop an action plan 

The RPI Difference

RPI maintains clear line of sight with your business. From developing the questions to finalizing the action plan, Lead360 is designed to not only to impact leadership but to produce lasting and meaningful business results. Every interview is conducted by a highly-trained coach committed to gathering constructive, generous, and honest feedback that will help you succeed. 

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