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The RPI Coaching model is based on 5 fundamental pillars 
Creating Business Value
  • The starting point of all coaching engagements is value creation

  • Coaching is grounded in achieving business objectives

  • Objectives are aligned with the organization's strategy 

  • We challenge clients to take a stand for an extraordinary future for their business i.e. organization, function or region 

  • We put equal importance to building a high performance team - this leads to sustainable success

Leadership Development
  • Leadership development is integrated with creating value

  • We develop and work on achieving specific leadership objectives 

  • Leadership objectives are based on authentic opportunities

  • Some opportunities are about leveraging strengths

  • Some opportunities are about improving significant gaps


  • We integrate organizational leadership expectations and values



  • Breakthrough thinking versus incremental improvements

  • Shaping your present from the future you are committed to 

  • Not stuck in limiting or past based mindset 

  • Standing for what is possible versus merely improving what is already existing

  • Becoming who you need to be in service of your commitment 

RPI Leadership Tools
  • RPI Leadership Tools are presented to offer new ways of thinking and acting to achieve people's most critical goals and meet toughest challenges
  • The Leadership Tools presented are actionable and useful in the immediate pursuit of performance
  • The Leadership Tools are offered in the context of supporting business performance, leadership effectiveness and learning how to coach others 

  • Examples: Source Document, Breakthrough Process, Building a High Performing Team. The 4 Areas of Priorities for Leaders, The 7 Coaching Practices, etc. 

360 Feedback
  • We use effective and tailor-made 360s to support the coaching 
  • RPI Exec360, Lead360, LEAP360 and Org360 are done through interviews: substantial, organized, insightful, and actionable
  • We maximize the value of 360s conducted by the organization 

  • Our 360s give clients an authentic sense of how they show up 

  • Our 360s identify specific and compelling opportunities to leverage strengths and develop in critical areas of weaknesses 

"RPI was instrumental in supporting the effectiveness of my leadership, especially with: creating a vision for the business, committing and implementing a plan to develop my team and leading my team to reach significantly challenging goals. I highly recommend their coaching services.”

General Manager, Fortune 100 american company

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