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A rare opportunity for senior leaders to receive powerful, organized, insightful, and actionable feedback from colleagues and team members.
Designed to help clients be successful in all aspects of their complex roles as leaders. 
A powerful process to assist people with their development as leaders. 
LEAD360 helps clients understand the nature and impact of their their strengths and gaps, and develop effective actions to be stronger leaders.    
RPI 360s: Taking the blinders off

Our goal with all three RPI360s is to give our clients substantial, organized, meaningful and actionnable feedback. 


We seek to give feedback that truly makes a difference and provides clients with a rare opportunity to understand how they show up to others in the organization. 


Comprehensive interviews to gather perspectives and suggestions. 
This process provides powerful a understanding of how things are at the moment, and delivers the insights needed to build an effective platform for change. 

"The RPI 360 process is not only efficient in its application but is significantly more thorough and reflective than a typical online survey process. Best 360 I have ever been involved with in my 25 year career."

Regional GM, Energy Company

Assisting organizational leadership to excel with vision, communication, collaboration, and execution

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