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Leadership – Execution – Action – Performance
This coaching program is designed to develop and strengthen your next generation of leaders, while at the same time supporting the performance of your organization.
  • To accelerate the development and enhance the contribution of leaders who occupy key positions and are ready to assume greater leadership within their functions
  • Succession – to broaden your leadership pipeline and solidify your leadership bench
  • To Develop participants as leaders, especially within five critical aspects of their roles:
1) Vision and Strategy Development – Strategic leadership; work in the white space
2) High Performing Team – Build and lead a best-in-class team and department
3) Great Management and Execution – Develop fundamental aspects of managing business + people
4) Effective Communication – Communicate to perform, both with and through people
5) Ontology of Leadership – Be a leader; lead yourself; maintaining a leadership presence
Target audience
  • Individuals in a role that requires a LEAP in their ability to lead people and the business.
  • People leading a functional or a regional team for the first time
  • People leading a key project team for the first time 
  • People in a challenging “leadership by influence” role for the first time 
  • People with a leadership challenge much greater than that which they experienced in the past, in scope, the number of people, and/or complexity
  • High Potential individuals given a challenging growth role 
Content Outline
  • Developing vision and strategy for your function or group 
  • Engaging others – your boss, team and key stakeholders - with vision and strategy 
  • Breakthrough thinking and methodology
  • The 4 areas of activity and accountability for leaders 
  • Building and leading a best-in-class team and function 
  • Building a winning team - not settling for less
  • Training, developing and coaching your team – standing for their success 
  • Developing practices and tools to become a more effective coach
  • Having the tough conversations
  • Learning how to drive ongoing alignment and engagement with your team 
  • Execution: The 4 practices of exceptional managers 
  • Managing time and priorities
  • Holding effective team meetings 
  • Balancing the empowerment of people while staying appropriately engaged 
  • Giving effective performance reviews
  • Managing difficult interpersonal issues 
  • The virtue of generative listening 
  • Learning how to prepare and deliver important presentations
  • Building trust 
  • The power of context in communication 
  • Enrolling others into the vision, strategy, and other aspects of your leadership
  • Understanding the impact of your leadership presence – actions, omissions, body language
Structure – Over one year:
  • 10 coaching sessions of 2 hours each – one every 5 weeks 
  • Assignments between sessions to use the coaching with real-time work opportunities
  • Real-time coaching – discussions when needed between sessions 
  • Leadership 360 Feedback  – designed to identify leadership development opportunities 

"We put two individuals on my leadership team through LEAP Coaching. The idea was to give them the support they needed to make a successful transition from smart and capable individual contributors to effectively leading and managing a team of people for the first time. The impact of the program was evident after just a few months, and by the end of the year, they were already skilled leaders and managers. I wish I did that earlier in my career instead of being left to myself to figure it out. " 

General Manager, Functional Business Unit, Energy company, USA

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