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In service of organizational transformation 
A purposeful and comprehensive process of feedback gathering and learnings in the context of a strategic priority.
Its intent is to develop a shared understanding and powerful ownership with concerned stakeholders on where you stand today, what is missing, and what must be done to turn a strategic intent into reality. 
Org360 is a transformational approach for organizations where there is a significant gap in regards to a fundamental organizational commitment – whether it relates to a corporate value (culture) and/or business strategy. 
This process is especially powerful when success requires a shift in the way people think and what they consider a priority. 
  • Clarity on your existing reality
    • Go from a variety of opinions and a vague sense of unworkability/existence of a gap to a clear, substantial and common understanding of our current reality/starting point
  • Insights on your desired future
    • Emergence of a much stronger understanding of what is possible, where the opportunities are, and what we need to do to get there
  • Engagement and Alignment
    • Generate a conversation with a critical mass of the right stakeholders – creating stronger understanding, engagement and alignment around the commitment(s)
  • Planning and Action 
    • Insights, learnings, and conclusions are used to build a well-grounded action plan to close the gap and meet the commitment(s)
Target Audience
  • Top leadership of an organization, regional or functional business units, assets or major projects. It has to be someone who has substantial autonomy in the running of their business and the authority to drive cultural change.  

Process and Structure 


  • Formulation
    • Establish context, secure commitment, design details of engagement, establish stakeholders' participation for Discovery and Commitment phases, develop questions, identify interview participants
  • Gathering
    • Conduct interviews, edit, format and divide feedback for team of stakeholders, acknowledge participants 
  • Discovery
    • Feedback delivery with teams of stakeholders, discussions on learnings and opportunities, development of Reports of Findings by teams and RPI
  • Commitment
    • Develop a commitment and action plan, communicate conclusions and commitments to feedback participants and appropriate stakeholders throughout the larger organization 
  • Execution
    • Coaching the leaders and team(s) to drive the execution and the action plan (optional)
Org360 is a transformational process that needs to be sponsored and led by top leadership of an organization or a significant part of the organization.
The RPI Difference
We have a proven track record of significantly accelerating and supporting change by building a shared understand and alignment with the right people, and by gathering the insights necessary to build an effective platform for change. 
It is engaging and transformational. It is tailored in close partnership with our clients to ensure that objectives are met. 

"RPI facilitated a comprehensive 360 process for select members of my leadership team and provided ongoing coaching to one of my key supervisors. They employ an innovative approach to helping individuals see what is possible with their careers. The 360 process was not only efficient in its application but was significantly more thorough and reflective than what we received in the past through online survey processes. This was very effective.”

Tim Green, Supply Chain Manager Alaska BU, COP

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