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Empowering senior leaders to produce extraordinary results  
Designed to support executive clients in all aspects of their challenging and critical role. The coaching is dedicated, takes a thinking partnership style, and focuses on high-value discussions.
Tailor-made coaching for leaders with high-level positions.
  • Develop a clear, compelling and viable strategy
  • Align and engage the organization with your strategy
  • Drive change by executing strategy
  • Build a High-Performing Leadership Team and organization
  • Elevate your leadership effectiveness and capabilities


Target Audience  Candidates for Executive Coaching are:


  • Leaders with a key role – CEO, members of the Executive Team, and regional or functional BU leaders.

  • High-potential senior leaders – Executive Coaching can accelerate the leadership development of your next generation of executive leaders.


Content Outline 


While highly personalized, Executive Coaching typically focuses on 10 high-value conversations:


  1. Developing a Source Document, a one page vision and strategy

  2. Developing Guiding Principles for the organization

  3. Building a High-Performing Leadership Team

  4. Engaging the organization with vision and strategy to ensure line of sight

  5. Identifying your top four priorities for the year to define success with simplicity and focus

  6. Personal Leadership Development Map to clarify your key areas of opportunity

  7. Leader as Coach: how to effectively stand for the success of your team and actively coach them

  8. Building a powerful and active network of relationships both internal and external

  9. Collaborating effectively across functional walls to create value

  10. Leading upward from Executive Team to the CEO to the Board of Directors




A typical structure for Executive Coaching is based on:

  • A 12-month program renewable upon satisfaction and with further opportunities to deliver value

  • Coaching sessions at least once per month with at least half delivered in person

  • More sessions when needed in response to real-time opportunities for coach to deliver value

  • An Exec360 timed to deliver the most value

  • Coach's participation in LT special meetings as requested, for instance a yearly offsite


"My RPI Executive Coach was: 1. very warm and personable - easy to build trust very quickly; 2. a great listener, genuinely interested in getting to know and understand who you are working with and what they are looking for; 3. able to bring expertise in relevant experiences (I am thinking here how you have shared other experiences you have had coaching to my own journey); 4. efficiently structured from one discussion to the next; 5. very patient/understanding."

President of the Qatar Business Unit for a major US company 

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