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RPI Coaching develops and delivers coaching services to corporate clients, entrepreneurial businesses and non-profit organizations.


Our purpose is to provide leaders and organizations with effective coaching that enables vision, empowers execution, transforms leadership, and ultimately impacts performance.


We have five guiding principles: ​


  • Building trusting relationships

  • Standing for people's success 

  • Fostering measurable business results

  • Line of sight with corporate strategy 

  • Making a difference





At its best, coaching is transformational and leads to breakthrough results and material value for the company, while at the same time significantly developing people as leaders.


The RPI coaching model is uniquely designed to meet the authentic  needs and realities of people in leadership roles. The 5 pillars of our coaching model have been refined through years of expereince. 


"Coaching is a conversation where an individual or a team is empowered with new possibilities for effective action in the face of their most important and challenging objectives"

                                            - Michel Renaud 




Resilience is the inner quality that allows an individual to perform with consistency and achieve what is possible. Exhibiting resilience gives people an authentic sense of confidence and trust. 




Performance dictates the reality of what is possible within your organization. Great perfomance happens when the right vision meets outstanding execution. 




Inspiration is the capacity to recognize and seize an opportunity to make a difference. It requires the courage to drive that change and engage others in making it happen. 

Coaching leaders to engage their organization through the superior execution of a compelling strategy

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